Nicola Benedetti plays the violin

Nicola Benedetti

This violin superstar is a great example to us all – she’s a top artist with incredible versatility, tackling repertoire that will make traditionalists happy while keeping those of us who crave something new sated as well. Benedetti’s most recent album, featuring the Shostakovich Violin Concerto No. 1, is well worth checking out; also look out for her upcoming Detroit premiere of a violin concerto by Wynton Marsalis. Beyond her work as a performer, Benedetti is a strong advocate for music education both in her native Scotland and beyond. Her involvement includes close links with the Scottish version of El Sistema. And a couple of years ago, when I performed with Benedetti in the same London classical music ‘underground’ series, Yellow Lounge, I discovered that we share a passion for finding ways to introduce classical music to new audiences. What’s not to love?

Paul Smith

Paul Smith is an innovative and creative performer, an inspirational educator and an empowering public speaker. As co-founder of VOCES8, author of “The VOCES8 Method” and CEO of the VCM Foundation,  …more 

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