SK Shlomo holds a microphone

SK Shlomo

SK Shlomo is a beatboxer and looping artist whom I’ve known and loved for a few years. He pops up all over the place in the U.K., collaborating at various times with a cappella groups (that’s my thing, you see!) and amazing artists like Björk and Ed Sheeran – I’m mostly jealous that he got to work with Jarvis Cocker. Watching Shlomo at work is incredible. Each individual sound he makes is brilliant in its own right, and when he starts looping them together, building layer upon layer of complex rhythms, the result is captivating. He’s always working with cutting-edge technology to add all sorts of other effects, looping tricks, and creative ideas. His one-man show is just genius – funny, inventive, and packed with skillful musical ideas. Best of all, when he’s not performing, he’s amazing in a workshop setting. I loved watching him at work in a school in Hackney, East London, last year – it was inspiring stuff!

Paul Smith

Paul Smith is an innovative and creative performer, an inspirational educator and an empowering public speaker. As co-founder of VOCES8, author of “The VOCES8 Method” and CEO of the VCM Foundation,  …more 

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