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Dr. Ford Lallerstedt

Ford Lallerstedt GardenMusic Lecture: "Always The Same But Never In The Same Way" 6

Remember the film Dead Poets Society? Ford Mylius Lallerstedt at the Curtis Institute of Music is the real thing. He is able unify the broadest ranges of core educational elements to inspire a creative individual: The science of language and syntactical processing, improvisatory counterpoint, 3,000 years of literature, Schenkerian graphs of operas created from dictation, art and film criticism, and advanced score reading all come together magically in his classes to elucidate how art communicates and connects.


The Taylor Swift “Machine”


Taylor Swift has made herself an icon by completely engaging her fans. She uses her position as a very widely known artist to do something beyond what is expected of a pop artist, such as donating to the Nashville and Seattle symphonies, advocating for musicians’ fair treatment and funding the Taylor Swift Education Center at the Country Music Hall of Fame.