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Anderson and Roe

Anderson and Roe play pianos 0

One trait of successful 21st century classical musicians is they’re not tethered to the repertoire for their instruments. And you couldn’t find a better example than duo pianists Greg Anderson and Elizabeth Roe.


Dan Tepfer

Dan Tepfer at his piano 0

Dan Tepfer is most often called a jazz pianist, which is kind of limiting, even though he’s played jazz with Pharoah Sanders and Lee Konitz – two of the greats – as well as with his own trio.


Kristian Bezuiden­hout

Kristian Bezuidenhout plays the fortepiano 0

Perhaps one of the reasons South African-born and Australian- and American-trained fortepianist Kristian Bezuidenhout isn’t better known in the U.S. is concern over how to correctly pronounce his name, but there are few if any fortepianists before the public today who make such a strong argument for the exploration of this instrument and how it eventually developed into the modern piano.