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Kristian Bezuiden­hout

Kristian Bezuidenhout plays the fortepiano 0

Perhaps one of the reasons South African-born and Australian- and American-trained fortepianist Kristian Bezuidenhout isn’t better known in the U.S. is concern over how to correctly pronounce his name, but there are few if any fortepianists before the public today who make such a strong argument for the exploration of this instrument and how it eventually developed into the modern piano.


Clean Feed Records

Nine record covers of albums on Clean Feed Records 0

Through all the grim economic vicissitudes of the record business, the avant-jazz Clean Feed label seems to be enduring with its music-first ambitions intact – and operating not from a culture capital like New York or Berlin but in out-of-the-way Portugal.


HOPSCOTCH, produced by The Industry

A drummer plays in an ornate building 0

I originally found out about The Industry, a truly amazing experimental opera company here in Los Angeles, through my friend Elizabeth Cline, who is the executive director. I think it’s phenomenal how The Industry has re-approached an art form that has gotten extremely classicized (and perhaps marginalized), and I think the company is unbelievably successful at transforming how people view opera.