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Greenwood Music Camp

Student musicians hold their instruments up in the air 0

When I first attended Greenwood Music Camp as a young cellist, I found myself in a sort of musical utopia. We were provided structure: mornings for orchestra rehearsal and afternoons for chamber rehearsals, but we were also given the freedom and respect to show up to rehearsals on time, on our own—which we did!


Yellow Barn

A large ensemble performs in front of a crowd in the Yellow Barn 0

As artists, we are students for life, always seeking to learn something new and to create. Yellow Barn, an international music festival, embodies this concept completely and fosters creative learning and music making at the highest level.


Carlsbad Music Festival

Carlsbad Music Festival 0

Curated by composer Matt McBane, the CMF brings together composers and ensembles from both California and around the country as equal partners in the festival’s music-making, often presenting music in interesting spaces and seating arrangements.